RMHCA & Community Auctions

About Community Auctions

Community Auctions’ events raise awareness, increase a charity’s support base, and eliminate the financial burden of hosting a fundraising event. Our events in support of local charities have raised over $7,000,000 in proceeds benefiting over 300 charity segments across the country since 2015.

Connecting charities with their local communities for the mutual benefit of the common good is at the core of everything Community Auctions pursues. Our proven fundraising solution facilitates successful fundraisers for charity organizations & nonprofits nationwide. By supporting a Community Auctions Event, you help local charities raise funds for philanthropic work that changes lives in their communities every day.

How your business can help

This is a completely FREE way to support Ronald McDonald House Charities of Arkansas. The venues who host an event table can do so without any financial or staffing commitment. All we ask for is the floor space to place a standard 6-foot display table. Items are display items only, there is no liability involved in hosting or securing the items. The table host does not accept any payments, nor handle any auction items or personal information associated with the event. Event info sheets are provided to help familiarize staff with common questions that patrons may occasionally ask, although there is no staff involvement required to host a table.

What can i expect while hosting an event table?

Charity representatives will handle all the setup & refreshing of the display table during the event’s 4-6 week duration. We provide a clear FAQ, Event participation instructions and contact Info for patrons to view on the table itself, limiting questions and time involved for your staff as much as possible.View More Details for Host Locations

If you have any questions, contact Emily Piechocki, RMHCA Development Director at emily@rmhcarkansas.org or Joel Bramlett, Director of Community Auctions at joel@communityauctions.com.

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