About Us


Caring for families with children who are ill or injured.


We provide essential services that remove barriers, strengthen families, and promote healing when children need healthcare.


A world where every family has what they need to ensure the best health outcomes for their children.


We lead with compassion. We are deeply respectful. We act with integrity. We are firmly committed.

The History of RMHC

When an unlikely partnership was formed in Philadelphia in 1974 between an NFL team, a children’s hospital, and a restaurant chain, none of its members could have imagined that their dream of a home away from home for families of seriously ill or injured children would grow to become an international phenomenon.

They wanted to create a place where parents of sick children could be with others who understood their situation. The seeds of the partnership were planted when Kim Hill, the 3-year-old daughter of Philadelphia Eagles tight end Fred Hill, was diagnosed with leukemia. Hill and his wife camped out on hospital chairs, ate food from vending machines, and did all they could to keep Kim from seeing their sadness, exhaustion, and frustration.

All around them, the Hills saw other parents doing the same thing. They learned that many families had traveled great distances to bring their children to the medical facility, but the high cost of hotel rooms was prohibitive. Hill rallied the support of his teammates to raise funds to help other families experiencing the same emotional and financial traumas as his own. Through the Philadelphia Eagles’ general manager, Jim Murray, the team offered its support to Dr. Audrey Evans, head of the pediatric oncology unit at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. It was Dr. Evans’ dream for a house that could serve as a temporary residence for families of children being treated at her hospital that led to the first Ronald McDonald House.

Currently, there are 389 Ronald McDonald Houses in more than 48 countries and regions.

McDonald's has been the RMHC Founding and Forever Mission Partner since 1974

From the moment the first Ronald McDonald House opened in Philadelphia, PA, the entire McDonald’s system (owner/operators, suppliers, employees, and customers) has helped support families with sick children providing stability and vital resources. McDonald’s support extends from monetary contributions and volunteerism to cause-related marketing promotions and the space to place RMHC Donation Boxes that raise money for local chapters, including Ronald McDonald House Charities of Arkansas & North Louisiana.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stay at the Ronald McDonald House or Family Room?

​A hospital representative must make all reservations for the Ronald McDonald House or Ronald McDonald Family Room. We work closely with family services associates at all hospitals to provide families in need with a comfortable place to rest. Please talk to your hospital family services associate to make the reservation.

Why did the name change?

We changed our name from Ronald McDonald House Charities of Arkansas to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Arkansas & North Louisiana (RMHCAR-NLA) in October 2023. This new name more accurately reflects our expanded program territory and recognizes our expansion of programs into North Louisiana.

This does not affect guest families in any way. Our service and commitment to families who need to be close to their critically ill child, and support from our dedicated staff, will stay the same.